Swedge Jazz

Gig Photos

This is Marshall Scott and Torch Morford at the Mercury Cafe' Gig.  Marshall is helping us out and playing woodwinds for us since Rex Spease just recently broke his arm.  Marshall has been an inspiration with his sax improvisational skills.  Thanks so much Marshall for hanging in there with us.  Rex we can't wait until you are back and groovin'.

This is Joey & Bob jamming out..   What a blast we had at the Mercury Cafe'.  Joey is in his glory flying across the vibes.  Joey is just a fireball of energy and talent and we are so blessed to have him with us !!!!  Joey's smokin' vibes solos are always a crowd pleaser...  He is definitely an inspiration to all of us.

Bob Glassman is our drummer and band coordinator.  Bob also does some of the recording work for Swedge's original material.  Here he is keeping the groove going and adding a little flair to keep the tunes driving.

Torch & Bill handling the foundation.  Bill is what we call a "lifer".  His experience level both musically and on the business end as well as his very positive outlook makes it a joy to be associated with him.  Oh yeah, he is also an awesome guitarist and composer as well.

Eye's on Bill for one of his great melodic solos !!!

Marshall taking the head !!!!  The rest of us are holding up the fort.

Bill and Torch are swinging !!!