Swedge Rock

Member Bios

Brandy Herbert

Brandy Herbert - Electric Guitar / Bass Guitar / Background Vocals

Swedge Is both honored and delighted to have Brandy Herbert as a contributing member of our ensemble.  Brandy's work and background reads like the "who's who" in the music industry.  This list include names such as:  the Houston Pops Orchestra, Bobbie Gentry, The Original Platters, Chuck Berry, Jackie de Shannon, Billie Joe Royal, Stan Kenton, Teresa Brewer, Sammy Davis Jr., Lionel Hampton, Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, Patti Page, Steve Allen, and Burl Ives, to name a few.  Brandy's intense love of music and God given talent has been instrumental in driving Swedge to new heights.  Her energy level and enthusiasm are extremely contagious and just plain fun.  When you meet this charismatic lady, there is no doubt that you will come to love her as we have. 

For more information about Brandy, check out her website at: http://ladyjazzer.com .


Erik Gilbertson

Erik Gilbertson - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Erik has been surrounded by music performance all his life. As the son of a Lutheran pastor, Erik was highly influenced seeing his father sing and play guitar as he grew up.  At the age of 5 decided to pursue a career in music.

Erik fronting a local rock band at the age of 16 and performed at high school dances, pep assemblies and battle of the bands. At the age of 26 Erik quit the band and moved to the UK for 10 years.  Erik indulged in British Rock and played solo in numerous clubs around London and Southern England. With a guitar in hand, Erik shared his performance with the world in the year 2000, playing in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand and India. Erik brings a unique blend of vocal talent, energy and style to any stage. An all inclusive crowd pleaser, he knows how to get the party started!


Bob Glassman

Bob Glassman - Drums / Percussion

In his first year of middle school (1971) Bob first sat down behind a drum kit.  It was love at first sight!  His buddy turned on a recording of the theme song from "Hawaii Five-O" .    From that very moment Bob was hooked.  Through the years Bob studied music in both Middle School and High School performing in bands, orchestras, high school jazz band and Marching Band.  This experience set the stage for a life long love of playing drums. 

To date, Bob's distinct groove can be heard on numerous recordings, in a number of local churches and in various venues throughout Northern Colorado.  His almost 40 year relationship with music and strong aptitude for Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Rock, R&B, Blues and Pop fits in quite nicely with the overall scheme of what "Swedge Rock" is all about.    Bob has also collaborated with many up and coming local artists in the creation of original material as well.  Most notable to date is classical / new age composer Louis Colaiannia.   Through Swedge Jazz, Bob was co-creater of the band's first all original album in April, 2012 Titled:  Swedge: Beginnings.


Joey Glassman

Joey Glassman - Keyboards / Percussion / Vibraphone

At 6 years of age, Joey sat behind his father's drum set and knew what he wanted to do.  From that moment on, Joey dedicated himself to his music.  All through grade school and high school, Joey excelled in every area of percussion, composition and theory.  His presence in all county and all state ensembles shadowed his musical dedication throughout his scholastic years.  Currently, Joey is attending The Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver.  Although his musical interests are quite varied, Joey's  specialty is in Jazz and Classical Percussion.

As an active member of Swedge, Joey is both a performer and composer of some of the most unique compositions today.  Including his musical wonders "Joey's Song", "Six over Nine" and "Sultry Samba", Joey has brought the musical prowess of this contemporary team of artists to new heights !!


Loren Brindley

Loren Brindley - Electric Guitar / Bass / Background Vocals

Loren Brindley has been a part time Singer Songwriter and guitarist for 40 years .Influenced by Jazz, Blues,Country Folk and Rock; playing both originals and covers. Bands include: 'Sundown', 'Skybound' ,'Gate Crashers', 'Warriors Cry' and 'U turn', along with Solo Vocal and acoustic work. Loren has also played on church worship teams Electric Lead, Acoustic and Bass. He has been involved with a few studio sessions both instrumentally and engineering.   Loren, Bob & Joey Glassman have had a friendship that has lasted many years and includes many church bands, studio projects, and personal challenges.  Swedge is pleased to count Loren among the Swedge Rock family.